• Garlic Hot Sauce

    $9.99 $7.99

    Turn up the flavor with our Garlic Hot Sauce. A symphony of fiery heat and robust garlic, this sauce adds an irresistible zing to any dish. Use it as a marinade or a topping, and give your meals a flavorful boost they deserve. Size: 5 oz.

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  • Mini 6-Pack

    $27.00 $22.00

    Experience the diverse range of Rocky’s hot sauces in a travel-friendly format with our Mini 6-Pack. Perfectly sized for on-the-go adventures and TSA-approved, these 1.7oz bottles bring our best-selling flavors right into your pocket! This offer contains: Honey Hot (Mild), Bacon (Medium), Taco (Medium), Garlic (Medium), Original (Medium), Nashville Style (Hot!). Size: 1.7oz.

  • Mini Garlic Hot Sauce

    $4.50 $4.00

    Enjoy the perfect blend of garlic and spice on the go with our Garlic Hot Sauce Mini. Our 1.7oz bottles are travel-ready, compact, and perfect for flavoring your meals wherever you are! Size: 1.7 oz.

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  • Best Seller 4-Pack

    $39.96 $30.00

    Embark on a taste exploration with Rocky’s Hot Sauce Bestseller 4-Pack. Showcasing four of our top-rated sauces from mild to medium heat, this collection is an ideal gift for any hot sauce aficionado, promising a flavor-filled culinary journey. Enjoy more for less with a savings of $2.96 vs. purchasing any 4 bottles individually! This offer contains: Honey Hot (Mild), Bacon (Medium), Garlic (Medium), Taco (Medium). Size: 5oz.