Mystery Bottle

$9.99 $7.99

$9.99 $7.99

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Not sure what to choose? Just like a surprise? Go ahead and let us pick! But you know, if you spend $35, you get one of these for free...

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Not sure what to choose? Just like a surprise? Go ahead and let us pick! But you know, if you spend $35, you get one of these for free…

Customer Reviews

Based on 169 reviews
Michael N.

I got the bacon and the variety pack. The bacon is frickin awesome and the Nashville is great on burgers. Sampled the others everything taste great.

Linda M.
Hot sauce

Bought these for my husband as he loves hot sauces and he seemed to enjoy these.

Pamela B.

Mystery Bottle

Good stuff

Probably one of the better sauces I've tried. Use that shit on almost everything.

Dorie P.

I don't know as I gave them all out for gifts

Roger P.
I haven't tried it yet

So far very happy with my choices. The Nashville is very good. I will be ordering again

Jade D.
Rocky's Garlic Hot Sauce the first hot sauce I've ever taken with me to restaurants.

I never thought I'd ever be "that guy" but yeah, I've been taking the Garlic Hot Sauce with me when I go out to eat. Really good for breakfast potatoes and eggs, I love it on a burger, and I use it on pizza. I even add it to my Bloody Mary's at the bar! I love this stuff!

Rocky's Rocks!!

I purchased a combo pack in the morning the day the pineapple got released in the afternoon. I reached out asking if it would be possible to purchase the pineapple hot sauce or have the pineapple hot sauce be my my free mystery bottle and they included it as my free bottle. I have purchased several flavors (bacon being my favorite) several times and have never been disappointed. Thanks for the great service and hot sauce!!!

Deb D.

Mystery Bottle

Brenda H.

The whole order was great. Everyone very pleased! Thank you. And it shipped so fast. Very impressed with Rocky's will definitely be ordering again.

Rocky's Hot Sauce journey started in a humble home kitchen, with my wife Roberta crafting an irresistible hot sauce recipe over 30 years ago. From weekly gatherings at my Philly workplace to becoming a secret delight at a local restaurant, Tequila Joe's, our hot sauce quickly transformed skeptics into enthusiasts. Its unique heat and flavor profile even led to customers wishing to take it home, sparking the birth of Rocky's Hot Sauce as you know it today. For the full story, visit our about us page.