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Customer Reviews

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Ken N.

These hot sauces are amazing! We've tried the original, pineapple and BACON, I think you get that the bacon is amazing! Highly recommended

Oscar M.
Mystery hot sauce ce


Mary P.

Love all the sauces!

Raymond H.
Best Hot Sauce ever

By having your slogan say Best Tasting Hot Sauce….. Period, is a huge understatement!

Your hot sauce is by far my favorite and it definitely has just the right amount of heat- spot on! Your product should be in every store and restaurant across the globe!
The mystery bottle was a real treat, and I mean that in two different ways. First, because you threw it in as a gift for my purchase and that it was different from the variety pack, which was awesome! Second, it had an outstanding flavor with having the pineapple in it!
Thank you so much for sharing your own family recipe with everyone else to enjoy.

Best of luck to your already growing company, I hope to see this product for the rest of my life!

P.S. “Why settle for any copy’s… when you can have Rocky’s”!


Patty M.

Mystery Bottle

Andrew R.
Simply Fantastic!

Each sauce is good, they all have their own kick. I'm trying them with different foods, and it's amazing!

Hot sauce trial

I got the bacon and garlic with a taco gift surprise. All 3 have been just fabulous.

Jeffrey K.

Delicous spice with a hint of pineapple.

Walter W.

I ordered a gallon of Bacon, which we all love. We got a squeezie bottle to pour the Bacon into about 8 Oz at a time.......... and our bonus was a bottle of Taco sauce...... Our other favorite! Every flavor from Rocky's is well crafted. It may not be the hottest (which is good for the masses) but definitely some of the best tasting sauces on the market. We are loaded with every type of Rocky's sauces. Haven't had a bad one yet.

Antoinette P.

Very good

Rocky's Hot Sauce journey started in a humble home kitchen, with my wife Roberta crafting an irresistible hot sauce recipe over 30 years ago. From weekly gatherings at my Philly workplace to becoming a secret delight at a local restaurant, Tequila Joe's, our hot sauce quickly transformed skeptics into enthusiasts. Its unique heat and flavor profile even led to customers wishing to take it home, sparking the birth of Rocky's Hot Sauce as you know it today. For the full story, visit our about us page.