Rocky’s Hot Sauce Gallon


All of our hot sauce flavors, in gallon size. Gourmet red chili sauce with perfectly balanced heat.

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  • Original
  • Bacon
  • Garlic
  • Taco
  • Pineapple
  • Bar-B-Que
  • Lime

''I have ordered this flavor several times already. It is my favorite ! I love the bacon flavor and it has the perfect amount of heat. I keep it stocked at home and work ! Just bought my mother one to try. I love it on scrambled eggs and Mac and cheese. I would give it 10 ⭐️ stars if I could.'' 🥓 ROCKY'S Bacon Hot Sauce

''Taco is one the newest flavors I have tried from Rocky’s and it has outstanding presence which sticks out in a meal. I highly recommend this for your Mexican dishes and Summer BBQs!'' 🌮 ROCKY'S Taco Hot Sauce

''Where the legend begins. A must try. Enjoyable straight up or on your food of choice.'' 🌶️ ROCKY'S Original Hot Sauce

''This sauce is crucial for your bbq. Its one of of a kind sweet heat taste goes great on chicken brisket ribs you name it!'' 🍖 ROCKY'S Bar-B-Que Hot Sauce

''My favorite one. Taco Tuesday favorite and also great on some chili lime chicken. Good on everything really.'' 🌶 ROCKY'S Lime Hot Sauce

''Probably the best tasting hot sauce I've ever had, surprisingly. The label wasn't lying, totally shocked to be honest. I was expecting a nice garlic flavor without much heat, instead I got an amazing garlic flavor with just the right amount of heat. Got the bottle yesterday and it's already 1/4 gone...'' 🌶️ ROCKY'S Garlic Hot Sauce

''Excellent mix of pineapple and spice tastes great!'' 🍍 ROCKY'S Pineapple Hot Sauce


A red pepper sauce with unique, high quality ingredients to lavish your dishes with flavor; no matter what’s on the menu, our Rocky’s Hot Sauces unlock subtle flavors in all your dishes


Family owned business whose passion rose to achieve the best in our home kitchen; Recipe perfected over many years; To share its greatness, you have to taste it


Rocky’s red pepper sauces contain no preservatives and are gluten free


The exquisite flavor will elevate your meals and tantalize your taste buds; Wake up your morning eggs, crank up your cocktail sauce, create fiery wings, swirl it into soups, use it like a rub for steaks, burgers or ribs, make your mark on grilled chicken, beef, salmon, tacos, fajitas, enchiladas, poke, sushi, noodles, stir frys, samosas, pork, rice, and much more


Perfect balance of heat and flavor; delicious and versatile enough to compliment any food without overpowering its natural flavor. Wow your taste buds; Its subtle heat will leave you wanting more; It’s the best hot sauce…Period; Check out our reviews



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  • The perfect amount of spice and flavor

    Michele 9/22/2020
    Rocky's Garlic Hot Sauce Image

    Rocky's Garlic Hot Sauce

    Very good, put one in my Hot Sauce collection and and tried one and sent one to a friend in Kansas!

    Jack W. 9/21/2020
    Rocky's Bacon Hot Sauce Image

    Rocky's Bacon Hot Sauce

    Love all of Rocky's sauces, but the taco is my favorite. Stocked up on 6 more bottles!

    Jody 9/16/2020
    Rocky's Taco Hot Sauce Image

    Rocky's Taco Hot Sauce

  • Very good not sure which one I’ll try with my next order

    Joan T. 9/16/2020
    Rocky's Original Hot Sauce Image

    Rocky's Original Hot Sauce

    positive review  I’ve known Rocky for years, since the beginning. Loved trying his most recent creations in generic bottles at Tequila Joe’s.... read more

    Wayne B. 9/14/2020

    I use the hot sauces on everything! The bacon Sauce on my eggs, the taco sauce in my chili... read more

    Denise 9/11/2020
    Rocky's Multi-Pack Hot Sauce ($27 Value) Image

    Rocky's Multi-Pack Hot Sauce ($27 Value)

  • My husband loves hot sauce but the stuff on the grocery shelves isn’t hot enough for him. I got this... read more

    Jennifer M. 9/11/2020
    Rocky's Variety 6-Pack Hot Sauce ($54 Value) Image

    Rocky's Variety 6-Pack Hot Sauce ($54 Value)

    Best flavor!! My son won’t eat another one.

    Patty 9/10/2020
    Rocky's Taco Hot Sauce Image

    Rocky's Taco Hot Sauce

    One of my all time favorite hot sauces. Delicious flavor without lacking in heat.

    Aaron 9/09/2020
    Rocky's Bacon Hot Sauce Image

    Rocky's Bacon Hot Sauce

  • positive review  Saw an ad on Facebook for their sauce and I was intrigued, I purchased a bottle of bacon and a... read more

    Leirik W. 9/08/2020

    Very niceee From a franks hot sauce guy, this hits differently. Super tasty, its pretty good.

    TooTallPaul 9/08/2020

    Very Interesting This made everything taste like a bacon cheeseburger. I like bacon cheeseburgers.

    Amazon C. 9/05/2020
  • This is the tastiest and best hot sauce I have had, and I have had them all! Highly recommend. My... read more

    William P. 9/04/2020
    Rocky's Garlic Hot Sauce Image

    Rocky's Garlic Hot Sauce

    Purchased for my 18 year old son who is in college. He is a hot sauce enthusiast and over the... read more

    John R. 9/03/2020
    Rocky's Bacon Hot Sauce Image

    Rocky's Bacon Hot Sauce

    Best hot sauce out there

    Jeff M. 9/03/2020
    Rocky's Bacon Hot Sauce Image

    Rocky's Bacon Hot Sauce