• Garlic Hot Sauce


    Turn up the flavor with our Garlic Hot Sauce. A symphony of fiery heat and robust garlic, this sauce adds an irresistible zing to any dish. Use it as a marinade or a topping, and give your meals a flavorful boost they deserve. Size: 5 oz.

    Heat Level:

  • Experience 6-Pack


    Indulge in Rocky’s Experience 6-pack, featuring a curated selection of our uniquely flavorful hot sauces. This collection is an ideal gateway to experience or gift our entire lineup, from the mild Honey Hot to the fiery Nashville Style, while enjoying the best volume discount. Contains: Honey Hot, Taco, Garlic, Bacon, Original, Nashville Style. Size: 5 oz.

  • Mini 6-Pack


    Experience the diverse range of Rocky’s hot sauces in a travel-friendly format with our Mini 6-Pack. Perfectly sized for on-the-go adventures and TSA-approved, these 1.7oz bottles bring our best-selling flavors right into your pocket! This offer contains: Honey Hot (Mild), Bacon (Medium), Taco (Medium), Garlic (Medium), Original (Medium), Nashville Style (Hot!). Size: 1.7oz.

  • Mini Garlic Hot Sauce


    Enjoy the perfect blend of garlic and spice on the go with our Garlic Hot Sauce Mini. Our 1.7oz bottles are travel-ready, compact, and perfect for flavoring your meals wherever you are! Size: 1.7 oz.

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  • Best Seller 4-Pack


    Embark on a taste exploration with Rocky’s Hot Sauce Bestseller 4-Pack. Showcasing four of our top-rated sauces from mild to medium heat, this collection is an ideal gift for any hot sauce aficionado, promising a flavor-filled culinary journey. Enjoy more for less with a savings of $2.96 vs. purchasing any 4 bottles individually! This offer contains: Honey Hot (Mild), Bacon (Medium), Garlic (Medium), Taco (Medium). Size: 5oz.

  • Bacon (x3) Garlic (x3) 6-Pack


    Get a 6-pack of our top two selling flavors and save $4.94 vs buying any 6 bottles individually with this pre-made pack! This offer contains: Bacon x3 (Mild), Garlic x3 (Medium). Size: 5oz.

  • Gallon Hot Sauce


    Need more of a good thing? Grab a gallon! The equivalent of just over 25 5oz. bottles!  This offer will ship FREE, and include a FREE 5oz. mystery bottle!